An urgent appeal for Grauer's gorillas from Ian Redmond OBE!

Grauer’s gorillas may have Grauer-power, but they desperately need our help. Found only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the eastern lowland or Grauer’s gorilla is the world’s largest primate. And yet despite their enormous strength they are endangered. Their numbers have dropped from more than 17,000 twenty years ago to probably fewer than 5,000 today – we don’t know for sure, because armed rebels active in their range make census work too dangerous.

Chimanuka, the silverback featured in the recent BBC Gordon Buchanan television program 'Gorilla Family and Me', lives in the highland sector of Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Congo. Chimanuka is the grandson of the first silverback to be habituated to human visitors. He implicitly trusts the park rangers and guides who protect him today, but he has also seen his father and uncles killed by poachers for bushmeat during the civil war in Congo.

The Gorilla Organization supports the rangers and guides who defend the gorillas and safeguard their habitat. It costs just £5 a day to equip a team of rangers with field rations that will help them go deep into the forest to find and destroy the wire snares that kill gorillas.

That's why, in my capacity as Chairman of the Gorilla Organization, I'm asking you to give £5 today. Will you give £5 to help save gorillas like Chimanuka and his family from deadly snares? 

Your gift today will help keep Grauer's gorillas safe.

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